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Posted on February 19, 2019 in layout

Project meetings can be places of enormous denial. We have all sat in the ones where a major piece of project requirement comes up and everyone looks around the table as it dawns on the team that no one saw fit to deal with that particular piece of detail. The horror of the consequences is forgotten as everyone plays the blame game and the meeting descends into chaos, the Project Manager secretly frets about how they are going to break the news to senior management.
The main problem here was encapsulated by the notion of such items being somebody else’s problem and, therefore, nothing that needs worrying about. Generally, the “somebody else’s problem phenomenon is one which causes people to ignore issues that they know about but think of as either not something they can do anything about, or not personally relevant to them right now. This can result in something that's very important to a project team being completely ignored by every individual member of that group. Its as though our eyes won’t let us see it nor our brains register something that we believe someone else is dealing with.
One of the main problems encountered on a large project involving plant or equipment and the layout of their final position and interaction with other bits of fixture. There may be enormous effort associated with getting the right pieces of equipment, and ensuring that they all work together, but then it all falls down when it comes to deciding where they are going in relation to each other and the overall envelope.

Luckily, prepare.zone helps take away that uncertainty buy making plant equipment and their relative positions a major part of the project management plan. The Layout menu allows you to log all the equipment required by the project, but there are also sub-sections which cater for the placement and positional information.

The system allows a visualization of equipment in terms of their individual envelopes as well as specific placement data within the confines of the whole project area. What’s more, this can be done in a number of ways:

  • 2D. A simple overhead view of the equipment within the floor-plan shows critical spacing information. With the correct dimension in place, an accurate two-dimensional map can be produced.
  • Simple 3D. This takes the 2D map a stage further and represents the pieces of equipment as simple space envelopes encompassing their major dimensions. Like the 2D representations, data from these is taken from the equipment information input in that section of the menu. This then shows the whole area of that piece as well as its interaction with other parts and equipment.
  • 3D plus. This option takes the STL model and places it within the project area, showing much more detail that with the simple 3D option. This will not only show siting, but also connection information and any drainage and exit data that is equally important.

Prepare.zone helps you take your projects to a much higher degree of control, and with the layouts options available, there won’t be any of those problems that everyone believes belong to someone else.

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