Reports as you Need Them

Posted on February 18, 2019 in info

The most important aspect of project management – apart from actually completing the project itself, is the reporting of it. Typically, a project will have a significant worth to a company, whether in terms of a business change, a new product introduction, or the adoption of new processes and while its completion is paramount, there are several people will want to know the status. Progress reporting is an essential activity of project management. The project manager issues regular reports on progress against budget, schedule and scope, and will generally include:

  • Project Sponsor
  • Budget Holder
  • Senior Management
  • Team Members

Keeping people updated on the project progress and deliverables will ensure that they remain involved and committed to completing it. Regular communication is essential to the well-being of any project, and the most common failings in this area are:

  • Poor communication channels
  • Lack of honest communication
  • Unwillingness to communicate bad news
  • Not asking for help if it's needed

Therefore, reports are essential to the smooth running of the project. allows Bills of Materials (BOM) of the project to be recorded and analyzed. The reports section is accessed through the Bill of Material menu, so it's easy to get to at any point, and reflect everything that has been lodged against the project in those particular project sections. This means that you can quickly access and assess the state of these important project parts. You can also produce reports of the relevant information with ease to enhance reporting.
Reporting helps you carry out the essential tasks on a project and quickly allows both you and other to whom you are reporting necessary elements, including:

Tracking. Whether its costs, or equipment usage, having up to date tracking shows that you have control.

Risks. With easy access to data you can identify risks before they become significant and negate them, thereby keeping your project on track and senior management satisfied that it is being dealt with appropriately.

Costs. Always in danger of spiraling out of control, you can have all costs immediately to hand and be able to break out project, and equipment costs with ease.

Having full control means visibility and gives those around you the encouragement to push the project forward, and if you are using, then getting those reports and keeping track is easy.

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