Getting into Workspace

Posted on February 17, 2019 in info

The way that we work is changing; it is estimated that over 40% of the world’s population is now connected to the Internet, and with that global population always on the up, and connectivity becoming ever more accessible, that percentage is going to rise steeply over the next few years. And with ease of connection comes the possibility of working in new and increasingly productive ways. This is the driving force behind the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, which seeks to deliver licensed software over the Internet for specific applications. It’s quick, easy, and you get only the software that you need.

This is the philosophy behind the SaaS Suite, which includes:

  • Customer Relationship Management - CRM
  • Industrial Equipment Management
  • Design Tools to create 3D Content for Factory Layouts

The SaaS model has no need for the distribution of software as it remains in the cloud and becomes instantly deployable over a broadband connection. Setting up an account and creating a workspace is easy. Accessed via the Main Menu and Sign Up option, you are asked simply to register using your user name and email and then request an email verification.
Checking your email will yield a verification link, which will allows you access to the workspace area.
Once you have agreed to the terms and created your business account, you begin a 14-day trial, which allows you to experience the full power of without any outlay, and ensure that it meets your needs before signing up for a continued experience. With the agreement set, you can access your project design tools and build a project that uses your resources and equipment, and will return accurate costs and spend.
When you log into, you will be taken to your Workspace and from drop down menus on that page, you will be able to gain access all the different parts of the project, and add, remove, or edit as required. You have the option to select a currency for the project – a drop down box features all the world’s payment legal tender – so you can set accurate costs for both payroll and equipment purchase. is a powerful design tool that allows you to effectively run projects without a huge outlay on specialist software. You can dip in and out of it as you choose and use only the features that you need.
With an increasing on-line presence, more jobs are moving into the use of SaaS options to power productivity without expensive licenses. is the latest – and one of the most powerful – tools to help you achieve your best. 

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