Project Design & CRM

4th July

Independence Day

July 4th is a magical day for everyone living in the United States of America. Not only because we all get to eat barbecue and fire fireworks, but when re-united with friends and families we also get to share quality time and good stories. ...
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Facility Layout and Design

Factors in Determining Layout & Design

Facility layout and design is an important component of a business's overall operations, both in terms of maximizing the effectiveness of the production process and meeting the needs of employees. The basic objective of layout is to ensure a smooth flow of work, material, and information ...
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20 Best Free STL File Viewer Tools in 2019

for all platforms: Online, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Before deciding to 3D print an STL file or when reviewing the work of a colleague, you want to view it. Luckily, there are many options available. Some of these 3D viewers are not too demanding for your computer or your wallet. ...
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CRM: Going Digital To Improve Customer Satisfaction

CRM system which helps track all activities

One look at studies on the Internet would make it amply clear that the cost of acquiring a new customer is exponentially higher than the cost of retaining an existent one. So, when it comes to prioritizing, attracting prospects, converting and nurturing qualified sales leads, and Customer ...
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The web just took a big step toward a password-free future

WebAuthn is here to kill the password

Today, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) approved WebAuthn, a new authentication standard that aims to replace the password as a way of securing your online accounts. ...
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How to Empower Your Employees to Become Bloggers and Content Creators

Necessary element of marketing strategy

Blogging is a necessary element of any successful marketing strategy. Every blog post leaves its own digital footprint of your brand—that means you want every single piece of content to be a top-quality representation of your organization. With that comes the simple fact that quality ...
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Will You Be Replaced By a Robot?

AI Is Transforming Marketing As We Know It

Although experts predict that one-third of our jobs will be replaced by robots by 2025, there’s no reason to worry. It just means it’s time for us to adapt. The only true losers of the AI and machine learning economic shift will be the laggards and the late-adopters. ...
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Operational Technology (OT) Network is Crucial for a Connected Factory of the Future

Design Group has worked with clients across varied industries over the years

The Operational Technology (OT) network is becoming more of an important piece of industrial manufacturing every day. Having a solid, well designed Ethernet network infrastructure is one of the primary prerequisites in moving an organization into a more interconnected, robust, and operationally ...
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Free appointment scheduling and resource booking in Bitrix24

Schedule appointments and book resources

We’ve added an ability to schedule appointments and book resources inside Bitrix24 CRM. If you run a service-based business, like a nail salon, a vet clinic or an auto repair shop, you’ll love this new feature. ...
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Sales Targets Inside Bitrix24

Now available to commercial Bitrix24 users

Sales targets are now available to commercial Bitrix24 CRM users. This means you can set goals for each of your sales agents, pipelines or company and track their progress. Importantly, the quotas can be set in two different ways. First, you can enter a number of deals that have to be won ...
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In Bitrix24

Observers in Leads and Deals

We've added a great new option to Bitrix24 CRM. Now you can add observers to a lead or a deal, and observers will be able to view the CRM element, send and read messages in the chat of the element. ...
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GDPR is Forcing Email Marketers to Evolve

Email marketing is dead

Email marketing is dead. Or so many marketers have heard over the years. Yet email actually remains among the most effective marketing methods. Even with inboxes as cluttered as they are, open and click through rates remain high. Indeed, ...
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Your Guide to the Most Popular Business Pricing Models

Choosing a pricing model

Today it’s easier than ever to start a business. The barriers of entry are low and the cost of running a business can be close to zero. With the advent of communication channels and lean software development processes, choosing a pricing model is more like an everyday chore than a ...
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The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Support

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now everywhere

We live in an era where technology is advancing so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. Think back to ten or even twenty years ago when you needed to get to a business meeting. You had to print out your plane ticket, rental car information, and sometimes even directions on where you ...
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Think Green, Think Mezzanines

How Mezzanines Save Money and Reduce Environmental Impact

Warehouses and distribution centers that have outgrown their current facility often believe that the only remedy is to move or renovate. While it is true that both options provide additional square footage, they do so at great financial and environmental cost. In a climate where consumers ...
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Simple CRM mind map

Understand all capabilities

While everybody knows that CRM stands for ‘customer relationship management’, CRM may mean totally different things for different people. For some CRM is about providing outstanding customer support. For others it’s all about pipeline management. For most it’s probably ...
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Inside Sales vs. Outside Sales: Understanding the Difference

Both sales play a vital role

Inside and outside sales can often be perceived as complete opposites. According to research report on the State of Sales in the United States and EMEA, field sales made up 71.2% of the sales force, while inside sales made up only 28.8% of the sales force in 2017. The situation ...
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3D-Printing File Formats Must Evolve with the Industry

STL’s various shortcomings came into focus

In the beginning, there was the stereolithography file, commonly called the STL file. Although not very complex  -  it was essentially a collection of triangles  -  the STL provided a way to get data into 3D-printing systems. Enough hardware manufacturers used STL for it to become ...
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How to Help Your Team Get Better at Customer Service

Customer service is an essential part of business

Customer service is an essential part of business, not a back-up plan. Everyone on your team, no matter what their role, can benefit from developing their customer skills. You'll get more satisfied customers, fewer complaints, and happier, more productive employees.  ...
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Everything You Need to Know About the Plan to Kill Internet Passwords

Kill off passwords on the web for good

Passwords just don’t work all that well for our modern-day websites and web apps: They’re insecure, they’re hard to remember, and they’re a lot of ...
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5 Things You Can Automate with the Help of CRM

Finding ways to increase efficiency

Finding ways to increase efficiency and save more dollars per hour spent are two main challenges that business faces every day. You can’t lead a successful business without making profits. Controlling your expenses, including time commitments, is an important part of building a financially ...
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The SaaS Suite

How it Stacks up against the Opposition

How we use software is changing. It used to be that any software came as a disc ready for installation and ran strait from a computer desktop, but programs like While that mean that you had the instant access to the program, there are several distinct disadvantages when compared ...
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How To use TinkerCAD to Fix .stl files

Modelers know the frustration of finding gaps

As a 3D modeller, I like to think the designs I spend weeks building come out perfect and ready to 3D print. ...
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STL files

Importing and Exporting 3D Models

While 3D manufacture from CAD files are now becoming a widespread and dependable means of creating components or parts for complex assemblies, the technological principle has existed since 1986. That was when a Engineer named Chuck W. Hull raised a Patent in the United States entitled “apparatus ...
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Creating and Editing

On the face of it, running a project seems easy. You just need to decide which tasks are due when and who on the team is going to deliver them, right? Wrong – very very wrong. To have only that flippant level of control is destined to make any project fail, and if you are running multiple ...
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