Operational Technology (OT) Network is Crucial for a Connected Factory of the Future

Design Group has worked with clients across varied industries over the years

The Operational Technology (OT) network is becoming more of an important piece of industrial manufacturing every day. Having a solid, well designed Ethernet network infrastructure is one of the primary prerequisites in moving an organization into a more interconnected, robust, and operationally ...
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Think Green, Think Mezzanines

How Mezzanines Save Money and Reduce Environmental Impact

Warehouses and distribution centers that have outgrown their current facility often believe that the only remedy is to move or renovate. While it is true that both options provide additional square footage, they do so at great financial and environmental cost. In a climate where consumers ...
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What is an STL file format?

Format approximates the surfaces of a solid model with triangles

The STL file (standard tessellation language) format has become the ...
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