4th July

Independence Day

July 4th is a magical day for everyone living in the United States of America. Not only because we all get to eat barbecue and fire fireworks, but when re-united with friends and families we also get to share quality time and good stories. ...
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The SaaS Suite

How it Stacks up against the Opposition

How we use software is changing. It used to be that any software came as a disc ready for installation and ran strait from a computer desktop, but programs like While that mean that you had the instant access to the program, there are several distinct disadvantages when compared ...
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Reports as you Need Them

The most important aspect of project management – apart from actually completing the project itself, is the reporting of it. Typically, a project will have a significant worth to a company, whether in terms of a business change, a new product introduction, or the adoption of new processes ...
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Getting into Workspace

The way that we work is changing; it is estimated that over 40% of the world’s population is now connected to the Internet, and with that global population always on the up, and connectivity becoming ever more accessible, that percentage is going to rise steeply over the next few years. ...
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Passwordless Login

The Way Forward?

One of the many features of is the passwordless login system, which allows registered users to enter the site with an emailed token. Is that really a big beef? You bet it is! ...
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System Units

Getting the Units Right!

Back in 1983, a Air Canada plane started to run out of fuel in the middle of a flight. The cause of this unforgivable error? It turned out that it was not one but actually two mistakes in figuring how much fuel was needed for the duration of the flight, and how big the fuel tanks were. This ...
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Managing Projects

All too often, projects fail because there is not sufficient information available and someone within the company – or even the customer – lacks clarity on some fundamental parts of the whole scheme. But, unfortunately, many project-orientated programs simply do not have the ...
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