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Top 5 ways to keep product managers happy

Product managers are valuable members of any product development team. Tom Merritt recommends five ways you can make sure you keep them happy. Product managers... you know one, you work with one--you probably really enjoy...
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Robots are changing the face of retail in 2020

Dozens of companies showed off the latest generation that can handle everything from restocking shelves to cleaning floors. Robots are now becoming a reality after spending decades as a purely sci-fi concept. Many of the...
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Project management v. business process management

These two management disciplines are intertwined, but they are separate and distinct. When looking at business process management (BPM) and project management (PM), it can sometimes seem like that old chicken-and-egg adage:...
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Glassdoor offers new mobile device tool for job seekers

Mobile job applications are on the rise, and this new feature makes it easier to do from smartphones. Glassdoor rolled out a new tool today called Collections, which is designed to help job seekers better organize their job...
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Why you should never allow your web browser to save your passwords

When a web browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari is allowed to store passwords, you are putting your network security at risk. Passwords. They are the bane of so many users' existence. Yet, they are one of the only ways we...
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